Carmen Weir

Holistic Health Coach

My name is Carmen, and I am the sole owner and employee of The Wellness Principle. I named my business that because there is a principle of wellness that we can all follow. We have so much power over our own health and well-being. Wellness comes from within. I invite you to believe in yourself and stand up for your body by choosing healthy options. It’s not a path of being deprived, rather it is a journey filled with delicious foods and empowering choices.  

Like many health coaches, I came to this profession through my own health challenges. In 2019, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and severe Osteoporosis. I was lucky enough to be directed to Dr. Wahls’ book called “The Wahls Protocol.” I changed my diet and found immediate relief in my RA symptoms. Most people don’t experience this miraculous change in five days like I did, but I realized then that food IS medicine. I worked with an amazing Functional MD who furthered my health focus and helped me fix other chaos going on in my body.  

What I didn’t know in April 2019 is that the autoimmune issues and diet/lifestyle changes came to prepare me for what happened in March 2020. I was hardly done celebrating the bloodwork that showed my RA numbers had come down over 100 points (without medication) in less than a year when I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC1 Endometrial cancer. I followed a strict clean diet throughout my cancer treatments and am happy to report that I have been in remission since October 2020.  

Cancer wakes you up. It humbles you. My journey was one of the toughest I have walked. I might sound crazy, but I am so grateful for my cancer. What a gift that changed my life for the better. It removed people from my life who were not good for me, and it revealed my desire to help others find health and wellness so that they don’t have to walk the frightening path cancer offers up to those who walk it. I set my intention to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition-Practitioner on New Year’s Eve 2020 as my way of focusing on a future that was bigger and better than anything I had previously done. Reed Davis didn’t disappoint in what he taught me. I am ready to guide others to a life of health and vibrancy like they’ve never experienced!  

There’s a healthy, happy life that everyone deserves to find. I’m so excited to share the map to dipping your toes in the water of good health. Finding the best version of yourself is so exciting! I am thrilled to be here with you!

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