The Cancer Chair

The Cancer Chair


Someone in one of the cancer forums I frequent made a comment this morning. "We approach life differently after we've sat in the cancer chair." She also said that she had never understood how people would call their cancer a gift, but that coming up on her one year NED, she could see how it could be.

The same thoughts were in my head as I went through my cancer journey. My Functional MD told me the day I shared my cancer diagnosis with her that I would have to get to a place of gratitude. I thought she was nuts! By the time I was NED (No Evidence of Disease) I was profoundly thankful for what the cancer rid me of in my life that needed removing.

In the years (YES! It's been years now)!!! I do look at the world differently. Cancer brings you back to basics and forces you to look at what really matters. You'll have a clearer vision and a better boundary meter for what is healthy for you.

I think the same is true for anyone who suffers from chronic pain and autoimmune issues that continue to interrupt their lives. Little graces become a source of great joy because so much has been stolen from other parts of your life. You have a moment in the morning when it doesn't hurt to pull on your socks. Opening the lid to feed your pet was only a minor twinge. The stairs to the laundry weren't so hard. Your stomach didn't hurt after your breakfast. If you know, you know.

I'm so thankful that I'm at a place where most of my life feels GOOD. I still have days where the weather circumstances make my joints ache, or I'm too busy and didn't make getting in my veggies a priority. My ankle flares and my feet protest walking for awhile. My wrist complains loudly when I try to coax it to work. I get that smoothie in and concentrate on high quality and quantity of colorful vegetables into my day, and my body thanks me the next day.

There's so many ways we can take charge of our health. Once you've sat in the sick chair, you don't look at the world the same anymore. If you're still walking a sore and tiring path, let's talk. There is a way out of the misery that doesn't involve adding a prescription to take care of the side effects of the first one you were prescribed.

If you're ready to start your healing journey, send me a message. I want to help!

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